August 15th, 2003


Говорили, по Мелкософту ебнуть хотят? Windows Update завалить?

Вместо этого вырубили электричество в городах от Нью-Йорка до Оттавы.
Интересно, кто и зачем.

Update, 1:31AM MSK: The cause may have been an overload of a power grid operated by the Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation according to radio reports in New York and a radio interview with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

Radio reports said that subways and the commuter railroads were not operating in New York. With lights off and phone service spotty, people are streaming out onto the streets of Manhattan.

Update1, 2:05AM MSK: Power begins to come back in parts of the Northeast, says NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (ABC News).
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