May 29th, 2005


LJ update using BlackBerry

Istanbul might be one of the coolest places on the face of Mother Earth, but it badly lacks any trace of WiFi access, and going to an Internet cafe instead of a nargile cafe is not my idea of a nice weekend exercise by the Bosphorus. So I'm trying to set up LJ email gateway for use with BlackBerry in Turkcell GPRS roaming. Let's hope it works.

My phone number in Istanbul is +905057307813, in use until Monday. [see update]

NB. BlackBerry input methods do not support Russian, not even translit :-(
Excuse my English.

Istanbul adventures

Turkish cellphone number advertised in my previous posting is no longer valid: it was quietly stolen at the Eminonu ferryboat station entrance by some local retailer (they sell stolen cellphones at the same busy spot where they steal them, after SIM removal).

Istanbul thus joins Rome in the list of cities whose residents are supposed to have improved their living standards with a little help from my Nokia.

Otherwise the weather is fine here, the sun shines brightly overhead, and life is a miracle™.