June 4th, 2005


Улетел в Апатиты

Собрался на день за полярный круг, посетить родину mrparkerПаркера™.

С Божьей помощью, буду обратно в понедельник.
Тем часом, фотоотчет о вчерашнем мероприятии Яндекса — вот здесь.
Недовольные своей внешностью приглашаются оставлять соответствующие комментарии, фотки их будут убраны в недоступное для публики место.

Arctics revisited

Once again, my Internet access is reduced to BlackBerry with its English predictive type for the next couple of nights. I'm sitting at a free row of Tu134 kukuruznik headed for Kirovsk, with only 8 other travellers on board. Check-in and boarding were suspiciously fast, but waiting for the short moments of counter opening and closing was predictably long and tiresome.

Local overpriced bookstores at Sheremetyevo-1 offer, among other trash, a pamphlet called Pyataja kolonna about the worldwide Jewish conspiracy against Russia and all things Russian, citing many examples, from Lombroso to Boris Mironov, of the Jews' physical and mental inferiority, which makes them unsuitable for admittance to either Russia or Austria (the author praises Austrian voters for sharing this view when voting for Heider). For some reason I didn't buy this odorous masterpiece of Nazi propaganda, and will probably regret it for the next 2,5 hours in the air.