May 11th, 2009


Долой компетицию

Прочитал на БиБиСи, что парижская сестрица моя борется против либерализации французской вузовской системы:

"We have a republican conception of universities," explains Sandra Nossik, a student who has now spent eight years in the French university system and who was demonstrating last week in a Paris train station.
"They have to be open to everyone," she added. "We don't like this neo-liberal view of knowledge... and we don't want to have to answer to the government or businesses."

Другая цитата оттуда же:
"Competition is just a right-wing ideology - in the case of humanities, competitiveness doesn't even make any sense," says Sorbonne English Professor Barbara le Lan.

Учение Паркинсона всесильно потому, что оно верно.