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От Кравченко, из Мурсии

Получил новую, удивительнейшую разновидность нигерийского спама:


I really hope you get this on time. Am so sorry i can't write you in my local dialect because the hotel management has configured the computer system here to display messages in english language only,any other language apart from english would display error on the computer that is the reason why i write this in english language. I and my family came over to Spain Murcia for a short vacation. but unfortunately i was robbed at the hotel where i lodged along with other folks. My phone was also stolen and the hotel telephone lines were disconnected during the incident. So I have access to only emails. Please I'm going to need some sort of loan from you for me to relocate to another hotel close to the embassy and also to get another flight ticket. Those thieves made away with my credit card as well which is why this can't be resolved instantly.

I have been to the Police and they directed me to the embassy but they're not helping issues at all and my flight leaves tomorrow..Please, Let me know if you can help me out?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Нигерийское бюро тут уже не заморачивается креативом вообще. Не придумывает себе ни имени, ни даже национальности (обозначая родной язык как my local dialect). Просто какая-то абстрактная Кравченко, которую могли бы признать в качестве своей соотечественницы сыны неустановленных народов (СССР?), погибает в городе с названием Мурсия. Приди, спаси. Телеграфируй.

Интересно, как мог бы выглядеть человек, который на подобное откликнется.

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