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Прощанье с Мордокнигой

Объявляя о своей предстоящей отставке из Фейсбука, директор компании по продуктам Блейк Росс написал удивительное по откровенности и искромётности прощальное письмо. Половина которого, конечно, может понята лишь адресатами из северокалифорнийской стартапной тусовки, но даже тёмные для непосвящённого места прибавляют тексту обаяния.

Вот оригинал (в перепечатке TechCrunch, потому что исходный пост недоступен); я добавил в текст несколько ссылок, проясняющих некоторые реалии:

Hey everyone, I’ve decided to leave Facebook. I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from and grow with you.

I’m leaving because a Forbes writer asked his son’s best friend Todd if Facebook was still cool and the friend said no, and plus none of HIS friends think so either, even Leila who used to love it, and this journalism made me reconsider the long-term viability of the company.

Also because, after scaling a website in a dorm room to a platform connecting a billion people in 196 countries through revolutionary high-efficiency auto-cooling datacenters, you guys will probably never figure out how to sell a Quiznos turkey club on a phone.

In all seriousness, even after switching to part-time at Facebook, it’s just time for me to try new things. I was 14 when I came to the Bay Area to work at Netscape (socially stunted badge pic below). That’s half my life building software in a 10-mile area of Northern California—a rather long stretch considering I spent the first half of my life learning disciplines as varied as standing up, eating, and getting Bar Mitzvahed.

My parting advice: Cherish the launch days. To be surrounded by such bright people, brimming with optimism, forgetting to eat, is a blessing. It’s the kind of manic hopefulness that adulthood is supposed to drain out of you, and I will miss it most.

Launch day is also a great day for Legal to find out what you’re launching.

Guys, thanks for everything. You’ve all brought a lot of joy to this stone cold heart.

Качественный русский перевод приветствуется. Халтуру из «Цукерберг позвонит» просьба не предлагать, потому что тамошний переводчик не понял толком ни одной фразы, половину выкинул, а другую — переврал.
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