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Хорошая заметка про благотворительность

Professor List conducted another experiment on charitable giving. He and his research team ran a door-to-door fund-raising trial, using a variety of methods, across nearly 5,000 households. The team then measured the difference between the most effective fund-raising method (selling lottery tickets) and the least effective method (just asking for money).

For purposes of contrast, Professor List and his team then increased the attractiveness of the woman who asked for the money. The more attractive women (a "one standard deviation increase in attractiveness," in statistical terms) had as big a positive impact on giving — in the range of 50 to 100 percent — as moving from the least successful fund-raising method to the most successful.
Investing in Good Deeds Without Checking the Prospectus — NY Times, 15/06/2006

За ссылку отдельное спасибо dmierkin

А вы говорите — Тринидад-и-Тобаго...

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