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Еще газеты

Paying upwards of $500 per night will not get you a room in a luxury hotel in Bangalore in February with the Aero-India show closing in... "Most hotels tell us they were booked over a year back for Aero-India. We are quoted prices ranging from $450-800 per person per night across some of the better-known hotels"... Air Deccan managing director Capt. G К Gopinath too, is concerned with the non-availability of rooms. "My clients tell me hotels have been booked nearly four months in advance and hence impossible to find rooms in Bangalore for Aero-India. Tariffs ranging from $500-700 are being quoted to them", — пишут R Raghavendra и Darlington Jose Hector в газете The Times of India.

Не упрашивайте, не поеду в феврале на авиашоу. Нечего мне там показать.

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